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Dude and I were out for breakfast this morning, and we passed a shitty little cinderblock house we'd seen first as a half-burnt wreck and then as an auction.com property sale for what, almost two years now? Someone clearly owns it; the enormous hemlock in front that was interfering with the power lines has been professionally pruned within the last month, the hedge of blackberries and actual garbage in the backyard has been cleaned out, and there are NO TRESPASSING/NO SQUATTING signs up in all the windows. There definitely aren't enough windows.

The auction didn't go through, apparently. It's still uninhabited, and the signs show every indication that it's still a bank property and will likely come up on the market again.

I kinda want it.

The house itself is utter crap; it's poorly-built, flat, tiny, and was recently-ish on fire. It's presumably been fixed up a little. I'm having a hard time quieting the voice in my head saying CHEAP LOT WITHIN SEATTLE CITY LIMITS! BIG TREE! PARK! ALREADY HAS GREENHOUSE IN BACKYARD! What the voice isn't yelling about is lots of stuff that makes the lot genuinely kind of crap, primary among them being the fact that it's got a shitty little house on it.


Yes, voice, but I'd have to build it more or less single-handedly. And this is assuming I could get a bank loan in the first place. COB IS CHEAP, it says, AND HOW HARD IS IT TO SCROUNGE UP MOST OF THE WOOD YOU NEED C'MON NOW.

I feel like I'm doing one of those fanfiction.net things where authors argued with their muses. Basically I really really want to build a house but I am in no way prepared to build a house but there's this little place that really looks like it would be great for a house! It's not even for sale at the moment, though, and as noted I have no expectation that a bank would give me a reasonable loan considering I have almost no credit history.


Warm and gracious, natural-material, rounded-corners, beautiful scrounged-shit houuuuuuuuse. In which my dude and I must still be able to emerge looking professional and tidy, so composting toilets and laundry shenans are RIGHT OUT.

Hnnnngh. Maybe some day. In the meantime, I'm working on my credit history. While I'm doing that, please enjoy a picture of this tiny shitty house and the big tree. Tree is a little smaller now, house is exactly the same size and degree of shittiness.

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I'm so delighted with the yard these days. Between a combination of planting, transplanting, foraging, and lucky accident over the last few years, I have a straight-up witch garden. I do! The brickwork I'm still smothering the lawn with proceeds apace, but the plants themselves are ready.

I don't think I've actually tallied up all the stuff that's growing and doing well. I think I'll do that.

  • feverfew
  • mugwort
  • borage
  • St. John's wort
  • woolly mullein
  • peppermint
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • orgeano HOLY SHIT OREGANO*
  • sage
  • nettles
  • bay laurel
  • yarrow

  • strawberries
  • serviceberries
  • blueberries
  • salal
  • gooseberries
  • elderberries, red and blue
  • rose hips
  • crabapples
  • raspberries
  • oregon grape
  • goji
  • blackberries (invasive)
Not all of those are bearing yet. But all are alive and happy and established, and I'm kind of gobsmacked by how much it is. My yard is tiny and now that I'm murdering the lawn, the only parts left are parts with useful plants in. I haven't mentioned the useful stuff I only use incidentally, like heather but mostly like dandelions and horsetails, because ha ha good luck getting rid of those anyway. WITCH GARDEN! :D:D:D:D:D:D 

Alas, I'm not a witch. I'm a motherfucking sorceror. But I still have a sweet setup.

*it's trying to come inside the house somebody save me and/or send some recipes
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I'm not working Saturdays for a while! That's pretty awesome and I am full of delight about it.

(was going to noodle along for another few paragraphs about projects and happy things but class is starting, durn--this turned out to be less like a post and more like a tweet but whatevs)


Mar. 27th, 2016 09:14 am
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I just played Glitch again. Specifically, Children of Ur and I'm kind of floored by these utterly welcoming tender feelings being able to go back to Cebarkul is giving me. I was on Glitch when it stopped, I was naked and airborne just above that one mushroom in the center of Cebarkul and then the screen froze and that was it. Glitch was over.

I had also been bottling up a batch of homebrew beer that afternoon, and part of doing that is drinking the leftovers, so what I'm saying is that I was exquisitely vulnerable and emotionally compromised (see also: drunk) and when the Giants went back to sleep, it felt like Bina Q. Dry-Roast had died. I cried so much that afternoon.

Bina's standing on that mushroom now.

It's kinda like going to your own funeral but you're the only one there and it's less like a funeral than it's like a load of laundry finishing up in the dryer. So I guess it's basically a laundromat, but in a good way.

This is Bina, still looking a little careworn about the closing but changed out of her mourning clothes.

And this is Bina, a year and some before the closing was announced, having beer and an existential crisis about Glitchen mortality long before I got there in real life.

tiny glitchen mind: blown

The chicken in the second picture, incidentally, was also beer. That was its name. "beer". Because I named it. God, I missed Glitch.

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My rice cooker is so great. It's one of the cheapie cheap-ass ones that doesn't seal, it's just a wee crockpot that works at a higher temp basically, and this particular one has been dutifully serving me for about fifteen years now.

Bless this damn thing. I'm serious. It is sincerely and literally going to actual heaven.

I was going to post a recipe right here but I am a shambling wreck and anyway I don't actually have one, just 3c dry lentils and 1c dry rice, bunged in with water and a mix of season and whatever veg/pickles/frozen shit/shit in jars that's occupying the fridge. This post does not, therefore, have a satisfying narrative conclusion; I'm just so delighted to have a nice wad of lunch pottage again and I hope everybody is feeding themselves happily. It smells great in my kitchen right now. My rice cooker is magical. Everyone live a happy and beautiful life.
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We've been doing 10-hour shifts at work (I'm an electrician trainee) for most of a month now, and Saturday shifts for almost two months. I'm kinda wondering what I've gotten myself into.

The last few days have felt kind of like a turning point, where finally I'm not coasting on momentum anymore and am just chugging through this junk under my own power. It feels like wearing a heavy coat. Not a huge deal, but everything takes a little more effort and everything's a little slower, a little more don-wanna on every new task. There's a song I thought was a shitty Pearl Jam cover but as it turns out it's actually by Seven Mary Three, called Cumbersome. That's me. It's also mid-nineties navelgazing at its finest.

Oh hey, I can post video. Enjoy this moment of bluesy pre-hipster whiteboy agnst [sic].

Anyway, I'm tired as fuck and getting incrementally more tired and this isn't even the craziest that work schedules get during crunch time. There's talk that we'll be working Sundays, too, and this high-gear whatnot is going to continue until May. I know a guy who did 16-hour days, 7 days a week, for three months. One of my co-workers did 7 12s for half a year--thankfully on a different job. He says he didn't know his name at the end of that. I'm just wondering if I can handle this stuff. I got a late start in the trades, and being able to coast through hell on energy drinks is no longer a thing I can do.

This is one of the boomiest boom-times Seattle has ever had as far as construction goes. I stepped into a river at flood stage, basically. Eventually this will end and I will have a lot more money. Still, though. Still trying to figure out how to be happy about life when most of my friend time and nearly all of my hobbies are on hold for a matter of months.
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Picking this journal back up has made me realize I need new icons. The jellyfish nuke and exulting Tachikoma are timeless, but the rest are a weird sedimentary strata of lapsed fandoms and modding the Homestuck Shipping World Cup. Where the hell are people getting icons these days? I need some Star Wars. Definitely robots.

I'd forgotten I had my current icon, which is a crab fight taken from a webcomic I did back when everyone had a webcomic. About 2004, I think? There was a coconut in it. I keep thinking maybe I'll bring it back.
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Sure am feeling a feeling about actually posting about the stuff I'm making and doing these days. You know what I want you to see? I want you to see my thoughts on DOMES and the potential of DOMES to show off some shit.

I went out to get something at the fabric store today and lo, on hyper ultra-sale presumably as something of a leftover from Christmas whatnot, there were DOMES. Thin glass domes set over wood bases, classic as hell. Like displaying-a-taxidermied-ptarmigan-in-a-country-estate-library classic. I got three. Two little ones (you could stick a pineapple in them) and the last big one, just a little smaller than my chest in height and volume. It is truly serious.

The cashier asked what I was going to do with them. I told her I had a weird taxidermy habit. Which I sort of do, but mostly don't, because I don't actually have any weird taxidermy.


I do, however, have any amount of wire, fabric, beads, glue, paper, wood, and shit-weird industrial metal. The question is: which species do I bastardize for display? I'm leaning toward something with fur, since I own an old brown fur coat that badly needs to turn into something cool, but can you imagine bugs or reptiles made with this?

I throw away a few pounds of that metal housing daily. POTENTIAL. It's hard to decide.


Oct. 21st, 2013 10:54 am
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So you're going to be doing a thing for my prompt! <3 You're so cool. Would you like more info about what I dig and what I don't, or will you be serenely content with my sincere assurances that you can pretty much do no wrong and I'm just looking forward to some of my favorite characters getting the spotlight?

Choose one!

I got this, just lemme at it

I could go for some pointers

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Hi, Yulie! Let's give you a look at me, if that's what you're feeling. Please bear in mind that despite what might come across as some pretty overbearing preferences in the requests and in this message, I am easy to please. I just...how to put it. Write loud? At any rate, now's a good time to turn around and start cracking on the story you've already got in mind, if you've already got one in mind. Don't even look at this.

Okay so here we are. Click the break to see my prompts and preferences broken down in a little individual detail.

Read more... )
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Hey Yulie!

Thanks for being patient and providing the nudge for me to finally write this. :D

I truly don't have many squicks. And in the context of the fandoms I'm requesting, the stuff that I normally avoid seems especially unlikely to come up, so please freestyle at your own comfort level with things like violence, abuse of power, and uneasy/unpleasant circumstances up to and including character death. I quite like reading about those sorts of things, sometimes.

Two hard nos. Just two.

1. No underage characters being subject to sexual or romantic advances from any adult.
2. No poetry.

I LOVE a bit of rich worldbuilding. In the event that the prompt you've matched with is one with canon history or details, I am MUCH more interested in an inventive and coherent world than in canon compliance. When in doubt, canon can go right out the window. (with EVE in particular, details can be very hard to find. Don't worry about it.)
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Link to other Dear Ladystuck letters

Dear Ladystuck writar: I love you and I'm happy to have you! We can go into a little more detail on my prompts if you want, they're just under the cut.

If you've ever had an idea for an AU of pretty much any kind at all (EVERYBODY IS SUDDENLY CAKE TOPPERS), I'm a great person to whip it out on.  Canon consistency is not important to me: shenanigans are important to me. Do whatever you like doing best and feel free to do it, whatever it is, as hard as you can. :)

Dig it, it's a cut. )


Troll me. Write/draw the opposite of what I've asked for, and trample underfoot the things I've told you I love. Feel the Dark Side flowing through you. Dance around a bonfire of my hopes and dreams.

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2012 Dear Yuletide Writer post!

Hey there Yulie. It's an honor and a pleasure! If you're interested in a little more information or suggestion on my requests, here it is. Before you look at this, I want you to know that I'm a whole lot LESS interested in getting exactly what I'm asking for than getting something that you loved and rocked the hell out on. If you've got an idea, close this tab and kick that jam like it was an object made specifically for the purpose of kicking.

Still want to read my thoughtwords? )

Thanks again. :) Good luck and happy writing!


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This is my Yuletide letter!

If you have an idea in mind already, you might want to leave this page right now—I'm starting with that because I hope you do, and I hope you'll ride that crazy train right off a cliff and into a beautiful explosion of wonder and glory secure in the knowledge that it's exactly what I wanted, because you're probably right.

However, if you'd prefer a few parameters, possibly even some suggestions? I'm good. You good? I am. Let's go.

A  very, very basic overview of my preferences: funny good, angst bad. It doesn't have to be light comedy, mind you—and it certainly doesn't have to be comedy at all! But the stuff I like best is stuff that doesn't wallow, mope, or monologue (unless the wallowing, moping, and/or monologuing are exploited for comic effect, of course :) ). I love absurdism, fourth-wall hijinks, wanton abuse of narrative conventions and the characters themselves, bizarre pairings, and crack AUs. Canon compliance is not a big deal. Cheeky shenanigans are a big deal.


My thoughts on te canons, in alphabetical order... )



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I wish TRON: Legacy had come out before Yuletide. God damn it all. I am craving Clu fic: all he wanted was to serve, all he knew how to do was serve, to serve perfectly...to serve a creator who wanted a horror. Oh man, if there's a place I like angst it's in a context just like this one. Dutiful, powerful servitor does everything perfectly and fucks everything up so, SO badly.

Clu = all the things I liked in Advent Children with extra EL wire.


Nov. 13th, 2010 07:57 am
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Dear Yuletide Writer!

This is me and I'm so !@#$! delighted that I landed you as my writer. Hi. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing somebody else's thoughts on things in these love-needing canons. Thank you so much!

General stuff )

More details on the requests )


Ta-daaa! Feel free to comment here anonymously if you want any more info.
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O-KAY. Here we are!

God damn but I like to see some characters getting shit done. Slow builds and introspective character studies really aren't my thing, though as with all things it depends on how it's done--on average, though, all other things being equal, I prefer the wham bam thank you ma'am to the tease.

Can you be funny? Can you be darkly funny? Can you find that weird, uneasy place between black comedy and outright horror? If you can do any of this, I'll be fucking delighted.

Other stuff I'm happy to find: bulge/nook troll junk or other hermaphroditic xeno, smirking abuse of power, Terezi's lawyer schtick being deadly serious and illustrative of OH FUCK NO horrible troll procedures, Rose whipping out tentacles, Meenah's careless confidence. Clever worldbuilding--fill in Beforan or Alternian details at will, I love seeing headcanons.

And, if you're really thinking oh my god why did i sign up for these characters i wasnt expecting this i dont know what to do im going to fail and die...if that cold hand is crawling up your back right now....

Make everybody into talking beers or something. IT'S ON NOW SOLDIER CALLOUS DISREGARD FOR CANON GO GO GO. I'd like that.

Good luck! And thank you. <3
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Fabric-using persons, a heads-up on a @#$!@$ stupendous deal: Wal-Mart is eliminating the fabric sections at all their stores and are dumping inventory LIEK WOAH. I do not go to Wal-Mart. Ever. I went to Wal-Mart for this.

Multiple big bins of 5-yard 'bolts': each bolt is $5. Fabric, some of it actually quite nice, for $1/yard. I ended up with 10 yards of black cotton lace (which has officially changed my Halloween plans) and another 10 of what's probably poly-cotton stretch twill. There was a surprising amount of periwinkle poly-taffeta, so if you need that in your life now's the time. I went to the one on Rainier in Renton, but apparently this is at the very least a state-wide thing: more likely it's national. Check out your local one.
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Finished watching Gankutsuo a few days ago, and am completely in love with it. Not really pleased with the ending, given what it does to one of the best Magnificent Bastards I've ever seen, but that's pretty much the only thing--the ONLY thing--that was not calibrated precisely to my taste. Working on terrible crack fic e'en now. It will definitely not do the source material justice.
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Totally excited about visiting the Ape Caves this weekend. "Caves" is kind of a misnomer, it's half a cave stacked on top of an actual cave mostly. But it's a cave! The longest lava tube in the continental US, which is neat as hell, but as [personal profile] subtext pointed out, there are people in Hawaii who have bigger ones in their, like, backyards.

The Ape Caves are a bit over a mile long, so that's a big backyard, but point taken.

I wish I could take some pictures. My camera is a cheap one and it's going to be dark. 'Cause it's a cave. Maybe I can get a few in the nifty spots where there's an opening to the surface.

EDIT: [personal profile] subtext did not actually say that. Rather, she insists that I say she did not say that.


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